Generation 1- Chapter 5.5

A/N: I’m so sorry this was late; real life/writer block problems got in the way. I know it is now Christmas Eve where I am but this chapter is far from Christmassy. Also, it is only really a half chapter and I probably should mention that it is a really crappy attempt at third person. Now that’s out of the way, have a merry Christmas and happy new year!

“Hey Mo, how’s life treating you?” Cameron called out as the Hungry Wolf’s usual barkeep, Mohammad Ziyad, ascended the stairs to the upper floor.

“Can’t complain” Mohammad replied in his usual gruff tone. Cameron had been a regular patron of this bar for the past few years so he was pretty comfortable with all the people who usually worked there. He liked it because this was probably the only place where people treated him like his own person and not just his father’s son. In fact, the people here were probably the only people that saw him for who he really was, except, of course, for Raven-Jay Marone. She was the reason he was here tonight instead of being up at the hospital with his terminally ill mother. She’d been ill for months now but she had been admitted to the hospital 2 weeks ago and now the doctors were saying that she only had a few months left at most. That news had devastated both Cameron and his father but they were managing to deal with it, Mr Connors by throwing himself into work and visiting his dying wife in hospital every day and Cameron by spending every moment that he could with Raven-Jay. Somehow she was able to make him feel better about himself, even if she was feeling down herself. He needed some liquid courage because tomorrow was finally going to be the day that he asked her out. He had felt an immediate connection with her when he’d first met her which had only grown stronger the longer they spent together. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration. He had wanted to ask her to go on a date with him the day they met but felt that would be too fast for her so he kept putting it off. The truth of the matter was that he, Cameron Connor’s Junior; one of the most eligible bachelors in Redcliff’s, was scared of asking her out because he really liked her and was scared, terrified in fact, that she would turn him down flat without even giving them a chance.

“What can I get ya, Cam?” Mohammad asked for where he now stood on the other side of the upstairs bar. The bar up here was normally locked when there was only one bartender on which was the case tonight but Mohammad knew that Cameron liked to be up there on his own occasionally, especially now with his mother’s deteriorating health. Cameron had sort of come to terms with the fact that his mother was going to die soon but that didn’t mean that he was particularly happy about it. It still hurt like hell every time he thought about it because his mother had always been his rock and he just couldn’t imagine her not being there anymore, so he tried not to think about it.

“Just get me a beer” Cameron replied absent-mindedly. For the past few days he had been trying to come up with the perfect way to ask Raven-Jay out on a date but he was still struggling immensely which was one of many first for him that he had experienced since meeting Miss Marone.

Hey RJ I was…uh…I was wondering if you’re doing anything later no that line would never work on her in a million years Cameron decided almost as soon as it popped into his head. He had to do better than that; she deserved better than that. The cold glass currently being pushed into his hand snapped him out of his thoughts after a few slow seconds.

“Hey, did you see the chick that came in about 10 minutes ago. She looks so young and naïve no matter what her blue hair is trying to say but, damn is she hot!” Mohammad all but growled at Cameron once he’d taken the glass that had been offered to him, his voice full of lust for this unknown girl. Cameron was still mostly in his thoughts so Mo’s words were slow to trickle into his otherwise preoccupied mind.

“Nah, I didn’t see her; I’ve been up here all night …wait, did you say blue hair?” in his haze Cameron had almost missed that vital piece of information. It looked like fate was rushing him into asking her out if she was here, right under his nose. Why else would she be out here in the middle of nowhere, especially with her anxiety problems?

“Yeah man. She looks posh as hell but she’s got some weird ass behaviour going on there.” He took a brief pause almost as if he was trying to remember this mystery girl in perfect detail before he spoke again “She’s got spunk though, I’ll give her that. I think I’m going to take her home with me tonight” The bartender was smirking by the time he finished speaking. His body may have been in the room with Cameron but his mind was downstairs with the blue haired girl whom he hoped to go home with. Cameron caught that part of what he said easily which instinctively made his fist clench on the countertop. It was with some serious self-control that he was able to hold himself back from taking a swing at the mouthy bartender. Well, self-control and that fact that he wasn’t stupid; there was no way he could win a fight against the bigger, brawnier, bartender in front of him. Instead he got up and walked over to the glass half-wall that overlooked the downstairs part of the bar. He could hear Mohammad getting back to work behind him but Cameron didn’t really pay that much attention to it as he was scanning the ground floor for any traces of the blue haired beauty whom he was sure he was beginning to fall for. At first he couldn’t spot her because her hair was well camouflaged with the red lights but when he did spot her he was more than sure that his heart broke. She was over near the corner but she wasn’t alone; she was kissing another girl whilst 2 other girls watched on. It didn’t seem like the type of thing she would do but there was no mistaking that perfect shade of blue. Cameron stumbled backwards clutching his chest. He knew that it wasn’t physically possible but it felt like his heart was beginning to splinter into a thousand tiny pieces.

“You okay” Cameron was sure he heard Mohammad ask from behind the bar but Cameron couldn’t even muster a response. With his mother near death in hospital and now this it slowly felt like Cameron’s life was crumbling around him. Sure, he and Raven-Jay had never been together in the first place but Cameron had really begun to think that Raven-Jay was the one.

“Get me your strongest drink!” Cameron panted as he fell back into a sofa in the corner. Why did it have to hurt so much! He had been in relationships and broken up with before but it had never hurt as much as this. In that moment Cameron truly wanted to hate Raven-Jay but in his heart he knew that he would never be capable of that. No matter what, in his heart he would always care for her.

“1 Cerebral Destroyer coming up” Mohammad said sympathetically as he began mixing the ingredients together for the drink he’d invented specifically for events like this. The original drink was already strong but seeing the pure and utter despair written all over Cameron’s face Mohammad made it even stronger. He had been in Cameron’s position before and it had near destroyed him too so he could sympathise deeply with Cameron. He just hoped that Cameron could bounce back much quicker than he ever had.

“Here you go, bud” Mohammad said quietly as he handed the drink down to a distraught Cameron. He looked like he would crumble at any second. Mohammad retreated back behind the bar as soon as the drink was placed in Cameron’s hand; just because he could sympathise with Cameron didn’t mean that he felt comfortable around him when he was like this.

Cameron reached towards his drink slowly, his head still down, but as soon as his hand grabbed the glass he felt like a man possessed. He grabbed the drink and pulled it to his lips, downing it as quickly as humanly possible. As soon as he’d finished he shouted out to Mohammad to make him another. His voice was already beginning to slur a little but he didn’t care anymore. His only goal now was to get completely and utterly wasted.


It was only mere seconds after being spotted that Raven-Jay broke away from Rue and ran from the bar in despair; almost as if she’d known she had been watched. It was far too late for her to put right the mistakes she had made with her best friend though, because by the time she had run Cameron was steadily heading towards blissful oblivion at the back of the upstairs bar with the help of several extra strong Cerebral Destroyers the bartender had mixed specifically for people who just wanted to forget everything for a while.

2 comments on “Generation 1- Chapter 5.5

  1. Aha! So he was going to ask her out. I liked this chapter being told from his point of view. She hasn’t ever seemed particularly interested in him romantically, though, so maybe it was for the best that he saw the kiss.


    • ChazyBazzy says:

      Yep, he’d been planing to ask her out. I actually found it really hard to write it from his POV but I felt like that was the only way this chapter would work. Raven never has/never will see Cameron as anything but a best friend so it was probably for the best that he saw the kiss when he did.


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